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 InGame Rules

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InGame Rules Empty
PostSubject: InGame Rules   InGame Rules EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 6:20 pm

InGame Rules:
  • Never Leave Games without important reason: Punisment name ban ,for a period of 7 days from hostbots of d3scene dota clan.

  • No 1v1 : Punisment 1st time 3 months,2nd time permanent name ban(that is because u can cheat stats easy in 1v1)

  • Admins bad manners : Punisment name ban for a period of 7 days from the hostbot of that League

  • Player bad Manners : Punisment mute five minutes in game for everytime they say bad things !mute name and then !Unmute name

  • Leaver kills : punisment ,if a player kills opposite team player when all opposite team has left,1st time name ban for 1 month,2nd time permanent name ban(we wont tollerate stat cheats,respect all)

  • No backdoor: punishment name ban for 1 week

  • Creepskipping IS allowed

  • Admin and shamans insulting: Channel ban for 1 week

If any of these rules are violated you will be punished. Banning without these reasons will result in deladmin. You can report any abusive admins in this section. (I will update soon so check this out occasionally). Don't forget to put date after each ban so that the unbans will take place more easily and precisely. (when in autohosted pub games remember to make the bans at the end of the game and not during it)
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InGame Rules
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